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Physical and Aquatic Therapy

Our website is designed to provide you information about our practice, services, location, and more. We are completely committed to providing you the highest quality of care available. For treatment of painful conditions, recovery of function, and injury prevention, we are dedicated to maximizing your well-being

Your willingness to invest to improve the quality and self worth of your patients is commendable. From being unable to walk without pain to being able to spend part of my day pain free is a joy... My size prevents usual forms of exercise, but your miracle machine gives me the freedom to exercise. Again, I say thank you!

- Wanda

I was very pleased with the result of the laser treatments I received. They helped from the very first treatment. Thank you.

- Gayla M

I am very satisfied with the help you have given me. There is always more I need to do, which I will try to continue with the exercise program you sent home with me. Also it feels good to know if I really feel I need more or something goes wrong, I can always feel welcome to call and ask about it. I very much appreciate the friendliness and happy attitude of all the workers!

- Rhonda L.