Your willingness to invest to improve the quality and self worth of your patients is commendable. From being unable to walk without pain to being able to spend part of my day pain free is a joy… My size prevents usual forms of exercise, but your miracle machine gives me the freedom to exercise. Again, I say thank you

Gayla M.

I was very pleased with the result of the laser treatments I received. They helped from the very first treatment. Thank you.

Susan B.

Before I started therapy I was unable to perform my daily functions. Dressing, lifting, reaching and hugging we all very painful and I was very weak. TheraWest gave me the instruction that was priceless to achieve every goal I wanted to be able to do. I now feel I have met those goals and can do most everything that I could do before my condition set in, with no pain. Therapy and the encouragement has been the key to my recovery. Thank you!

Shirly M.

When I started therapy, I did not have full ROM and was very limited in the use of my arm and shoulder. As I progressed through my therapy, with the help and encouragement of the staff, I could see positive improvement in being able to use my arm and shoulder. At this time I have obtained most of my original goals that were determined at the beginning of my therapy. With the home exercise plan I anticipate reaching the remaining goals over the next couple of months. Thanks to all the staff for their care and compassion during this trying time and recovery process.

The laser treatments have been very helpful in my recovery from multiple shoulder surgeries. I feel that with the laser treatments I have been able to obtain a greater range of motion than going through the recovery process without them. I also feel that the laser treatments were beneficial in decreasing my level of pain. I would recommend the laser treatments to anyone who has had surgery and who wishes for the best possible outcome.

Rhonda L.

Thank you for the excellent care I received! The friendly atmosphere makes healing a lot easier! Thank you to each one!

Elvera S.

I am very satisfied with the help you have given me. There is always more I need to do, which I will try to continue with the exercise program you sent home with me. Also it feels good to know if I really feel I need more or something goes wrong, I can always feel welcome to call and ask about it. I very much appreciate the friendliness and happy attitude of all the workers!

Staphanie G.

My range of motion was so limited, it was affecting my quality of life. Working was getting more and more difficult. After surgery it was a bit scary, even for me, how long recovery would take… I dove right in, did everything that the TheraWest team told me to. They were awesome, very thorough! This place is great at lifting up your spirits as well. It was very encouraging. I got better. My range of motion is better that it was before my injury. I am more knowledgeable about my limitations and overcome them well. I can lift, reach and do a dozen more things. I feel a lot better

Ruby S.

This was my first time to go to a physical therapy program. When I came I was having so much trouble with my lower back and right hip. I was in so much pain when I walked. My right hip hurt so bad… When I came here and started the treatments, by the second week I could see and feel a big difference. At the end of the 4th week I can walk well and sit without pain. My back hasn’t been this good in months. I couldn’t believe it could, and did, make such a difference in my lower back and hip. All of the ones that worked with me were so kind and helpful. Hope I can stay well now, but if I have trouble again I wouldn’t go to any other place for help but TheraWest.

Gary M.

After my accident, when I started Physical Therapy I had very little strength and movement in my hands and arms. I went back to work about the same time I started therapy. I struggled at every task, even very simple ones. I was afraid I would never be able to preform my job again. I feel that I have improved dramatically… My strength and mobility have improved drastically. I can now do my job as a diesel mechanic without difficulty. I am very pleased. Thanks to all of the professional staff.

Jodie P.

You have far surpassed my expectations in every way to help me with the rehab on my knee. My doctor and I are very pleased with my progress and the great care I received.

Ramona J.

I would, and already have, recommended TheraWest to other people and would use them again. Thank you for everything!

Devon C.

Before TheraWest I was no longer able to run without hurting. Because of the program put together specifically for me, I am now able to run again. They fixed the problem and not only that, they re-trained me to run correctly so that it wouldn’t happen again! Thank you TheraWest staff!