ML830 Laser Therapy

The ML830 Laser is a revolutionary new treatment that utilizes photons of light to augment the body’s natural healing abilities. This laser falls under the category of a “low level laser” and emits non-visible light that has no heating or cutting properties. Treatment is completely painless and provides true healing power. All light has some penetration properties but most wavelengths of light are absorbed by the outer layers of skin, creating heat and often damaging tissue (much like a bad sunburn). The ML830 Laser emits light at a wavelength of 830 nanometers, which is unique in allowing deep penetration without a thermal or heating effect. In fact, Microlight Corporation (the manufacturer) patented this particular wavelength because it provides the deepest penetration among all low level lasers. It was also the first cold laser approved by the FDA.


The ML830 Laser is a painless, noninvasive laser that has demonstrated significant benefits for patients around the world including:

  • Reduces pain quickly
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Drug free
  • Increasing the strength of healed tissue, making it less vulnerable to re-injury.
  • Completely safe
  • Used on a wide variety of ailments from muscle tears to migraines
  • Increased flexibility

How Quickly Will I See Results

Approximately 70%-80% of our patients see results immediately following the first treatment. Treatments usually last 6-15 mins and most people will see excellent results after 6-12 sessions. Usually the more chronic or severe the condition the longer it will take to heal completely.

Be Wary of...

Clinics that are offering lasers other than the ML830 cold laser. Most of them are not FDA approved and are either too weak or could be dangerous.


The cost ranges from $25-$40 per treatment.

Don’t wait any longer

We’ve seen excellent results on both recent injuries and those that have dealt with chronic pain for 15 years!

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