Wellness and Prevention

At THERAWEST we individualize exercise programs to meet your specific goals. If weight loss, vertical jump, or athletic speed is your goal, then we will provide the direction. We conquer all aspects of health; this involves more than just the workout routine. Overall health is dependent on several factors including nutrition, positive outlook, and the exercise program. Through a healthier lifestyle and by working together we WILL increase your overall wellness. Excellent candidates for this are…

  • People who require a safe exercise environment.
  • People who appreciate extra accountability in exercise.
  • Athletes/active people who want injury prevention (i.e., a pitcher who’s concerned with overuse of the shoulder or elbow, or a gardener who needs strong legs to stand back up after kneeling).
  • Anyone who would prefer a one-on-one setting with trained professionals.

This is a great opportunity that provides long-­term answers to those that want continued help after they’ve finished their therapy as well as excellent care for those that want to prevent injuries.

We look forward to serving you in this way!

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